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Bringing our broad range of experience to bear, we are uniquely situated to support small- to mid-sized businesses and augment internal legal resources by providing additional capacity and expertise on an as-needed basis. In this capacity, we:

  1. Serve as an advisor and reference point when issues arise

  2. Evaluate legal needs and offer proactive solutions

  3. Oversee and lead specific projects and initiatives in consultation with management

  4. Support internal legal teams in complex matters

  5. Act as a liaison among management, outside parties and counsel to allow internal resource to focus on high value issues

  1. Vendor agreements

  2. Consulting, support and services agreements

  3. Outsourcing initiatives, service level agreements and governance arrangements

  4. Sales, distribution and marketing agreements

  5. Procurement strategy, templates and contract management

  1. Reporting and governance requirements

  2. 1934 Act compliance

  3. Executive compensation

  4. Proxy materials

  5. Board of Directors relations, materials and training

  1. Corporate acquisitions, divestitures and reorganizations

  2. Joint ventures, strategic alliances and other partnering arrangements

  3. Venture capital finance

  4. Shareholder rights and shareholder agreements

  5. Corporate structure, formation and reorganization

  6. Employee arrangements

  7. Due diligence

  1. Compliance guidelines and processes addressing changing laws

  2. Employee training programs